about the artist


My name is Charles

I am just your average Joe that enjoys getting lost on the beach, writing short stories, and taking photographs of mother nature.

This small business owner, also enjoys sharing tall tales and tell awful jokes with strangers over a loaded brat and a homegrown pint.

I was born and raised in a state that looks like an oversize oven mitt (Michigan, USA). While growing up, I dabbled in or had interests in many Art forms (sand sculpting anyone?). I wanted to play in rock bands, draw Batman comics, and direct the next great Star Wars film.

For decades, I tried my hand at numerous ambitious careers that taught me few valuable life lessons and traveled all over North America before settling in a state that looks like an inflated children's winter glove (Wisconsin USA).

Since 2015, I live in Wisconsin with my pet goldfish name Bubbles II, and if you were going to ask me what was my favorite place to visit in North America? I would say anywhere up and down the West Coast, there are no words in the English Dictionary to describe that feeling of being on the beach looking out at the vast body of saltwater and seeing that bright ball of gas settling beyond the horizon. Just an unbelievable sight to experience.
Hey don't be a stranger. Feel free to email (g.d.images@zohomail.com) me with questions, comments, or stories, anytime, and I will do my best to respond within 48 hours.

Be safe, be kind, and have yourself a great day!